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WHY WRITE ROMANCE : a follow up about the writing of “Emily’s Ghost”

3 March, 2017 | By Goldie Alexander


This is a follow  up to my previous article on writing romance.

My latest is EMILY’S GHOST. It has just appeared, and the setting is also on the South coast of Australia. Some of the previous characters appear, if less significantly.

Q. What is Emily’s Ghost about?

 “When Billie Hatchman inherits a bed & breakfast from her estranged great aunt, she’s not prepared to be haunted by the well-intentioned ghost—or to be set up with her sexy but very much unavailable next-door neighbour.

Q What were your reasons for writing this?

I was interested in the situation a lonely and overworked single mum might find herself in when she unexpectedly inherits a dilapidated B and B with a single sexy chef as her neighbour. There’s nothing like a ghost to hurry a romance along.

Q Have you written anything else for adults?

A.  My adult crime novels, now up as ebooks, have been grouped together under the title of The Grevillea Murder Mystery Trilogy’. I have written many adult short stories. Some have won prizes. And both my ‘how to write’ texts, the latest being Mentoring Your Memoir.

Both romances are published by Boroughs Publishing House, and appear on all standard e-book sales sites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Diesel ebook store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio, Aldiko

for Australia Amazon:




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