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Some writing tips from the 2013 CYA session.

12 July, 2013 | By Goldie Alexander

I had a lovely time last weekend in Brisbane at the CYA conference. It was attended by publishers, some fascinating  presenters and lots of emerging creators. Because my session was timetabled last, we quickly ran out of time. So I promised some interested authors that I would blog tips over the next few weeks.

I had called my talk: How To Keep Going In Spite Of Not Becoming The Next JK Rowling

Here are my first two tips.

Ask yourself… are you really determined to keep going? I have met and mentored too many authors with enormous talent but who find the going too hard and give up. Other authors are best described as ‘middle-range’. They are known within their genre but rarely recognised outside it. Personally, I prefer not to be introduced as an author because I often perceive a puzzled expression on the recipient’s face. It’s then I say, ‘I’m the least known if most published author in Australia.’ This may not be quite true, but it’s a helluva-good-line

Let me admit that for someone in my ‘senior years’ I hate all the stuff my generation uses to stay busy. Mention Bridge, golf, meals on wheels, caravanning, general good works, museum guiding, minding grandchildren(mine are now all grown up) I feel a yawn coming on. I have been writing and publishing for 26 years. That has given me a wealth of experience, ranging from the simple instruction of “don’t repeat a telling word in the same page if you can avoid it”, to always try to ‘Show don’t tell.’ There’s lots of basic advice on ‘how to write for kids’ in ‘The Business of Writing for Young People’ that Hazel Edwards and I co wrote. More recently, I published a memoir-cum-how-to-write called ‘Mentoring Your Memoir’ which contains the same advice, but with the occasional twist that focuses on ‘life history’. In it I give lots of examples, mostly from stories I wrote for kids.

That’s it for starters. if anyone is interested enough to keep reading I’ll write more next week.



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