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‘Penelope’s Ghost’, and entering the world of romance writers.

2 February, 2014 | By Goldie Alexander

I have very recently completed my first ‘go’ at writing adult romance. To my delight ‘Penlope’s Ghost’ was picked up almost immediately by the American based “Boroughs Publishing Group”.
Consequently I have discovered a whole network of other romance writers who regularly ‘talk’ to each other.
Emily Mims ( emailed me with the followiing questions which other authors might also like to tackle and send to both Emily and myself.
Here they are:
1. What am I working on?Presently ‘playing’ with a YA version of Shakespeare’s Tempest. Cheeky, I know.
2. How does my romance differ from others of its genre?I’m not at all that sure that it does apart from the setting which is on the Mornington Peninsula, an area I know very well and often use in my novels. Perhaps combining history, ghosts and romance is a bit different. But is it?
3. Why do I write what I do?I am a ‘jack of all trades’ in that I write in almost every genre apart from adult scripts and graphic novels. This is the first time I have tackled an adult romance though I began my writing career many years ago writing YA romance under a psuedonym.
4. How does my writing process work?I devote several hours every day to my writing. Having come from a teaching background I am very self disciplined. Even when confronted with ‘writer’s block’ I just plug away.
So thank you Emily for starting things off.

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