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31 May, 2014 | By Goldie Alexander

cover image for That Stranger Next DoorPenelopes Ghost_cover_AREAt present I am occupied with simultaneous launchings:

The first, ‘That Stranger Next Door’ will take place on the 2nd  June at the Lamm Library with a hardcopy edition of this book. A little later it will also appear on line.

The second, ‘Penelope’s Ghost’ is held as a cyber tour over a week via 21 blogs organised by my publisher at Boroughs Group Publishing.

I know which is easier.

Though I must tackle lots of interviews on the blog tour, I can quietly think them through as I sit at my computer. The major cost is to my nerves when I can’t find where to reply to the blogger who has just gone to the trouble of advertising my book. Because ‘Penelope’s Ghost’ is a ‘paranormal-romance’ most of these blogs seem to be run by females. Some have even bothered to read my book and given me a kind review for which I am eternally grateful.

But the other? Too many uncertainties.

Will anyone turn up? I once held a launch where almost no one did, though looking back that was my fault as I didn’t advertise it enough.


  1. What do I offer people? As this launch is to take place at midday, and as it is a festival where food is catered, I was advised not to. Nevertheless one must offer something in return for people turning up and maybe even buying a book? We have settled on orange juice, nuts and chocolate.( even if no one turns up they can be taken home.)
  2. Then the worry about who will launch it? My experience over the years is that speeches can be over long and tedious.  We have exactly five speakers all restricted to certain times.
  3. How to advertise it when there are other possibly more interesting events taking place in the library?  We have come up with a poster sized print of the cover which will also be useful when hopefully I am invited to speak at other functions.

 What else have I forgotten?

  1. Of course! What to wear. What strikes the right note between ‘the creative author’ and not appearing as a total eccentric?

            Stay in touch. I’ll report on both events in my next blog.


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