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Felicity Pulman discusses her work on the blogtour of ‘That Stranger Next Door’

11 August, 2014 | By Goldie Alexander

To celebrate the release of That Stranger Next Door – my YA historical romance novel set in Melbourne in the 1950s – I’ve invited some great Australian writers to visit and talk about their latest books.

My guest blogger today is Felicity Pulman who writes for adults and kids of all ages and has a passion for crime history and fantasy. Her YA fiction includes Shalott trilogy – a time travel series; and the Janna Mysteries – a mediavel crime series.

Felicity’s latest book I, Morgana is her first for adults and is the story of Morgan le Fay, one of the most enigmatic and reviled characters in Arthurian legend.


Felicity Pulman

I recently co-hosted my first online launch for the e-Book version of my latest novel I, Morgana, and it’s got me wondering if this is the way of the future? It was so exciting to ‘talk’ to people from all around the world who dropped in to say hello, and who wanted to talk about my book and buy a copy. 

I loved exploring this deeply-flawed character who has fascinated me ever since I wrote the Shalott trilogy, where five teenagers travel back in time to the court of King Arthur and Camelot. 

When writing I, Morgana I was able to draw on my travels in the UK following the Arthurian trail, undertaken for the Shalott series; although I’m planning to revisit the UK next year while writing the sequel to Morgana as there’s more I need to know.


It’s so important, I believe, to ‘know’ the setting you’re writing about. It really helps to visualise scenes if you know where a castle or a hill or a ruin is situated. It’s also helpful to be on site because there are often museums with useful information, or books, or experts on the topic you’re writing about who almost without fail are always happy to share their knowledge with ‘a writer’.

A lot of my books (like The Janna Mysteries) are set in medieval time in the UK so it’s a good excuse to go travelling! 

An easier book to write (in terms of research and geography) was A Ring Through Time, (Harper Collins 2013). It’s a historical romance for teenagers, set  on beautiful Norfolk Island with a flashback to its very grisly convict past!




I, Morgana

You know my name, but you don’t know my story…

Schooled in magic by Merlin, promised a kingdom, and betrayed by everyone she has ever loved and trusted, Morgana’s revenge will destroy Camelot and break her heart – with repercussions for our own time unless she can learn from the past in time to protect our future. 

After being schooled in magic by Merlin and promised a kingdom, Morgana is robbed of her birthright and betrayed by everyone she has ever trusted and loved. Risking everything for revenge, Morgana uses her magical arts to trap Merlin, threaten her half-brother King Arthur, and turn away the only man she will ever love. In her quest to destroy Arthur and Camelot, Morgana sets in motion a catastrophe that threatens the future of her world. Can she put things right before it’s too late, or has she sealed their fate forever?

This is the untold story of Morgan le Fay, one of the most enigmatic and reviled characters in Arthurian legend.

 You can find out more about Felicity Pulman by visiting her website



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