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Dumb Bunny 2

7 April, 2013 | By Goldie Alexander

I have decided that I am reallydumb. All day I had been trying to log into GOOD READS to update my profile, add covers to books that don’t have them and talk about some of my recent reads. I still haven’t succeeded

Am I the only author who finds writing a full length novel easier than tackling other people/ company’websites?

Who creates them? I have just completed ‘The Rosie Project’ ( highly recommended as very funny light reading about a serious topic) and wanted to say something about it.  After trying in vain to upload my profile, I decided that much like the character Don in this novel, the site had also been constructed by someone with severely autistic.

So much for that!

A couple of other books I strongly recommend though far more serious stylistically, are Scott Gardner’s YA novel  ‘The Dead I  know’; and the adult  Wallace Stegnar’s  ‘Crossing to Safety’, a wonderful meditation on friendship and ageing, plus every other book on the reading list for my adult book club. A quarter way through the year, I seem to have read everything on it through the wonder of owning a Kindle- everything except ”Merival: a Man of his Time”  by Rose Tremain. But as I have also read a number of her other novels, I’ll get to it eventually.

What was lovely was receiving a number of emails about the craft of fictionalizing history from young readers and would be authors.

I keep hoping that my latest YA offereing,’ Dessi’s Romance’ also about friendship is being read. In case I haven’t mentioned it often enough???the Amazon site is filed under Children and Romance.

Also “eSIDE: a Contemporary Fantasy” should be out very soon. This novel is aimed at upper primary school readers. I am looking forward to seeing the final copy very much indeed.



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