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29 December, 2013 | By Goldie Alexander


I was recently asked what is the difference between blogging and writing? My quick answer was none at all. Both are forms of ‘writing’. Perhaps the major divergence is – who is the blogger’s intended audience?

I admire those bloggers who maintain a daily blog. Many are authors talking about their writing or PRying their latest novel. Other consistent bloggers include recipe, fashion, sport and hobby ‘mavens’. And celebrities who employ ghost writers to help them come up with enough scandals to keep their readers amused. These days it’s all about celebrity.

In some ways blogging has taken over from conventional reading. By conventional I mean the action of picking up a book. Blogging is usually presented as a form of non-fiction  – unless the blogger is talking about his/her sexual prowess in which case it becomes fiction. The problem with most blogs is that they usually need editing and are often not too entertaining – except perhaps to other bloggers.

 This leads me to gripe about other forms of social media. My Facebook page often displays photos of what people eat for dinner. Or photos of their newest grandchild/cat/dog /chicken. Or some amazing quotation they think everyone should read.  

 When it comes to tweeting, I’m really not at all interested in a celebrity’s bad behaviour or the latest political disaster. Not as if I can do anything about it. Or even if I care! Anyway, it’s all on TV.

 Writers are well aware that publishers are publishing less and less books –unless they are celebrity tell-alls – and that the reading population is both ageing and diminishing. Is this because people are reading blogs instead of books? I bet if the public had to pay for blogs they would quickly return to buying books, and find them far more interesting and certainly better crafted.

 However, if you my reader, still feel the need to blog, make sure your blog is written as well as you can. It goes without saying that right this moment I am also guilty of blogging. In my defence, I usually point out that I only blog about books and writing. I never mention what I had for lunch or how the rabbits in my part of the world are faring.(Very well, thank you for asking. Due to a wet warm spring and early summer, there’s been huge grass growth) 

 So what’s the distinction between blogging and writing? None at all. Both are different forms of making the written word accessible to those who might want to read what you have to say, and your husband/wife/ children simply refuse to show any interest.


  1. Good points amusingly made. How and why you blog is influenced by the stage of your career.But a professional wants to be paid for their intellectual property, and recompensed for the time required to craft the words for that audience. It’s not an exercise in ego. A blog may have a temporary life, but a crafted book may last longer.

    • goldie says:

      I totally agree. Professional authors like musicians and actors demand payment for their efforts. Bloggers often rely on advertisers to pay their way. I see myself as a professional because of the number of books I have published.

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