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Best Practices!

27 August, 2013 | By Goldie Alexander



These rules were posted on facebook.  They may not apply to every author, but they are worth considering.  But this is what the writer has noticed after working with dozens of authors and wanna-be authors. They were posted by Jo Thompson via Russ Cox

Think of this as a list of best practices.

Difference #1 – Consistency

  • Published authors wake up early and write every day.
  • Unpublished writers write sporadically, often at night.

Difference #2 – Purpose

  • Published authors write to help & inspire others. They write to do something.
  • Unpublished authors write for themselves. They write to be somebody.

Difference #3 – Platform

  • Published authors have a platform that they start building years before their first book comes out.
  • Unpublished authors have little or no platform. Some don’t even know what a platform is.

Difference #4 – Reading

  • Published authors read books about writing and selling books.
  • Unpublished authors complain that the publishing world is ignoring their ground-breaking work.

Difference #5 – Work

  • Published authors know that the difference between Great and Lame lies in hard work. They know they must earn industry attention by being faithful in the little things (tweetsblog posts, magazine articles).
  • Unpublished authors feel that they are the next best thing just waiting to be discovered.

Difference #6 – Website

  • Unpublished authors have a free Blogger blog that they rarely update.

Difference #7 – Marketing

  • Published authors see marketing as part of their mission to help & inspire others.
  • Unpublished authors see marketing as their publisher’s job.

I hope this encourages you. None of these differences are secrets or hard to emulate.

What do you think?

Do you agree? What are some other differences you have noticed?

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