The Alexander family announces Goldie’s passing, who died peacefully on August 3, 2020.

The little big school

Illustrator: Louis Prout
Publisher : 
(out of print)
ISBN 07329 5295 6
Also published in Braille. 
Brisbane : Queensland Braille Writing Association 2008.
Included in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.

 Back Cover:

“When Guy’s school is forced to merge with a larger primary school, he is convinced that nothing will ever be the same. But how wrong can a boy be?’


“Cove Community School was little. All the kids worked in one large room. The room was shabby, but it had everything the kids needed.

They had tables and chairs. A large mat for story time. Blackboard, books and bookshelves. Drawers filled with paper, pens and textiles. And they could see the playground out of the window.”


This book appeared shortly after the Victorian State Government began to close a frightening number of small schools, then selling the sites to private developers. I was aware how difficult it is for most children to make such a change and wanted to assure them that not all will be lost.

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