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Starship Q

Macmillan education 2004
Illustrated by Dion Hamill
ISBN0-7329 9220 6
(out of print)
Suggested readership: 10.5 – 12.5
Included in the NSW, Victorian, Queensland, and South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenges.

In  a far flung future, Iyaki and Aari, two young aliens , join forces with Jackson, a human boy. Together they overcome their fears and problems as they share jokes, stories and troubles. They realize that they are stronger when they are together and that through this new friendship. They might just be able to overcome a mutiny on Starship Q.

Review from Aussie reviews. Sally Murphy.

Iyaki and Aari know they aren’t supposed to be in the starship hangar, but it’s the best place for them to kick a ball. Then their ball accidentally goes into the open hull of a starship and, when the boys try to retrieve it they find themselves in trouble.

The ship has been taken over by a mutineer and when he finds the boys he locks them up with one of his prisoners, a human boy called Jackson. At first Iyaki and Aari, both Igs, think they have nothing in common with Jackson, but as they all struggle to figure out how to escape and how to prevent the mutineer achieving his objectives, they realise they can be friends. Together they just might have a chance of stopping the mutiny.

Starship Q is a fast moving science fiction title for children aged 9 to 12. The characters may be alien, but the dilemmas they face will be familiar to many children – making friends, facing consequences, and believing in one’s own abilities.

Part of the Breakers series from Macmillan Education, Starship Q is suitable both for home reading and classroom use.

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