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Shape Shifters

Part of the Aussie School Book Series 2007
distributed by Blake Education. Set 1.
ISBN 9 781921 255045
Reading Level: 32+

“What followed was hard to describe. The only thing Penny was sure of was that a wind blew up. Soon it was strong enough to blow dust everywhere.

Dust flew into Penny’s eyes. It was like looking through cracked glass. She rubbed her eyes and stared. Then she rubbed her eyes again.

Acacia had vanished. Where she had been standing, was now a tree with curly, yellow leaves. Every branch was covered in prickles.”

Bullies are terrible. Acacia, with her blonde curls and pretty face, is one of the worst. Penny doesn’t know what to do about her but Lei-Lei, the new girl, has a secret weapon. With the help of Lei-Lie’s grandmother, Penny finds she has the power to change the people around her. But will this power get out of hand?”

Review by Sally Murphy 2007

Acacia had vanished. In her place was a tree with curly, yellow leaves. Every branch was covered in prickles.

Penny gasped. She couldn’t believe what her eyes were showing her. She blinked and blinked.

Penny is amazed when she sees the new girl, Lei-Lei, change the school bully into a tree. Lei-Lei has learnt to shape shift, and now Penny wants to learn to do it, too. Soon, both girls are able to shape-shift when they are in danger, but next they must learn to use this skill only for good.

Shape Shifters is an intriguing fantasy offering for primary aged readers. Kids will enjoy the novelty of the girls’ shape-shifting skills. At just 48 pages long and with plenty of illustrative support, Shape Shifters is ideal for children making the transition to junior novels.

AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE! stories are written for young Australians aged 7—10 and levelled appropriately. They are supported by cartoon illustrations which add meaning to the text for the young reader. The series was commissioned to ensure Australian primary school students have access to engaging, quality Australian stories and stories set in an Australian context.

The stories were chosen for the quality of the story and the way in which it represented the essence of the Australian character, Australian values and the uniqueness of the Australian urban, rural and natural environment.

Story Inspirations

When I was little, there were lots of bullies at my school and they usually got away with it. Bullying happens everywhere, even to grown-ups. I love the idea of finding a sure way of stopping it.

Working together to stop bullies soon as they start is the best way to prevent this from happening. You need to show that they don’t scare you. You need to tell a trusted adult what is happening. You need to support your friend if this is happening to her or him. You must never let bullies get away with it.

Teacher Notes can be obtained through the publisher’s website.


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