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Nelson Thomson Learning 2001
Now Cengage.
ISBN: 1 86961 458 5
ISBN 9781869614614
Guided Reading Level: 27
Theme: Science Fiction

Back Cover:

“Dana looked down at the raging surf. Fifteen metres below, the waves swirled and twirled. When the sea was like this, it reminded her of that great grey monster, the killer shark. Sometimes she dreamed that the shark was waiting to attack. Then she would wake in a cold sweat…

It’s the year 2165. Six years ago, the sea flooded the valley where Dana lived with her parents and their dog, Silas. Dana’s father died, trying to fight the floods, and a giant seawall was built to hold back the powerful water.

But what happens when Dana discovers a break in the wall? Will help arrive in time?

From the publisher of PM Chapter Books

“With 90 titles, the PM Chapter Books offer a broad range of content, characters, narrative structures and points of view. They have been specifically written for students in the middle to upper years with the needs of guided reading in mind. “

Story Inspirations:

Delving in the future the writer can create whole new worlds where clothes, music and language never date. Old stories can also be retold.

There is a famous Nineteenth Century story about a Dutch boy who held his finger in a dyke and saved a whole village from flood. I transplanted this idea into the future – a future where climate warming has happened to a horrific degree.

This story was written some time ago purely as fiction. However since then, and to my horror, some of the dire predictions I make in it seem have come true; sea levels have risen, there are more destructive storms, and many folk have been forced to leave low lying areas as the sea has washed in.

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