The Alexander family announces Goldie’s passing, who died peacefully on August 3, 2020.

Draggle and Arthur

Serialised in Blast off!
February/ March 2012.

Story Inspiration

The idea of a dragon and a boy who were failing seriously at their chosen professions have finally come up trumps.  This is a timely reminder that TSM is the only school magazine still being published in this country and many children still enjoy reading the monthly editions.

This is the cover of The School Magazine’s BLASTOFF! that wonderful magazine for both students and creators. Both story and cover are illustrated by talented DAVID LEGGE. Draggle has failed dragon-hood and has been unkindly nicknamed ‘Steam’.  Arthur is also bad at knight-stuff: fencing, jousting, and he finds polishing armor boring. However, this unlikely pair join ranks to overcome the Awesome Ogre by telling jokes.

In the second story of this series ‘Draggle’s Dreadly Dragon Breath’, these two heroes manage to overcome the wicked witch Wilhemena by using Draggle’s horrendously foul-smelling breath.

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