The Alexander family announces Goldie’s passing, who died peacefully on August 3, 2020.

Captain Gallant

Illustrated by Dion Hamill.
Available from 2005
(out of print)
ISBN: 9780732 995973
Included in the NSW, Victorian, and South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Back cover

“Captain Gallant says, “Cozens have invaded Mars. We must rescue the Martians.”

Cozens have extra-large eyes, sword-sharp teeth, and eight legs covered in hair. Cozens are scary.

“Late at night Guy turns into Captain Gallant. Captain Gallant, Sned the unicorn, and Bork the dragon, fly to Mars in their spaceship Venture to save the Martians from the fearful Cozens.”

A story for early readers who enjoy science fiction who are beginning to read chapter books. The text is enhanced by Dion Hamill’s wonderful illustrations.



The idea of a story for very new readers with a science fiction theme had long intrigued me. However, “Captain Gallant” came out of a grandson’s request. A poor reader, he watched a lot of TV where cartoons were often based in science fiction and fantasy. But he couldn’t find any books to match his reading age. Thus I created “Captain Gallant”, which is simple to read but adventurous enough to satisfy any Sci Fi aficionado.

There is also a story behind the illustrations. Dion Hammil, the talented young artist, found me via the internet. Though we have never actually come face to face, so far worked he has illustrated five of my books. I’m still waiting for the day that we actually meet in person.


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