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15 September, 2012 | By Goldie Alexander

Great to see our Paralympics doing so well in London. But spare a thought for our disabled back in Melbourne.

Still recovering from a badly broken right leg, I was well enough to attend the Arts Centre last Wednesday afternoon, albeit with my fire-truck-red four wheel pusher. Getting there by taxi was easy. I was assured by both Yellow Cabs and the cabbie that drove me into the city not to bother ordering a taxi in return, as so many cabs drive past the entrance.

If only that was so. I calculated that at least twenty cabs drove up to the entrance. Soon as they caught sight of my pusher, they took off like streaked lightning. Finally, I had to limp around the block to catch two ‘old style’ trams, those with extra high steps. Both tram-drivers were enormously helpful getting me on and off, as were some kind youngsters.

I have heard too many stories about other disabled passengers in similar situations. Maybe one day some of those cab drivers will experience themselves what it is like for those who can’t walk far.


  1. Sorry to hear about your experience Goldie. At least you are starting to get out and about now; good on you!

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Goldie

    Have now discovered your blog. Good to read your articles but this article about transport and you is sad. Terrible stuff. Just as well the tram people acted differently and showed concern. Teresa

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