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Challenging Q. and A. for authors and illustrators

18 July, 2011 | By Goldie Alexander

As well as using this blog to report on personal writing matters and books I have recently read, I have decided to use it to feature established and emerging writers and illustrators. But I don’t intend to let anyone off lightly. Rather than the usual questions, I intend to make contributors think. So here are some I have in mind:

Introduce yourself in one shortish paragraph as if to a class of unruly youngsters.

Explain how, when and why, you decided to become a writer or illustrator.

How will you cope with the changes occurring right now? What innovative techniques might you have to develop?

If you have had anything published, take what you think is your very best, most interesting or challenging piece and place it here.

If you have yet to be published, do the same.

How would you like to see yourself as a writer/ illustrator in twenty years time?

2 Responses to “Challenging Q. and A. for authors and illustrators”

  1. Interesting questions, Goldie. I especially like the first one. My new book from Ford St, Gamers’ Challenge, is due out in Sept… so I’d love to visit your blog for an interview around then.

  2. goldiea says:

    Look forward to receiving your answers George and seeing your new book. A good way to PR it. Please remember this and stay in touch.

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