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busy mornings…

29 March, 2011 | By Goldie Alexander

This am I attended the launch of Edel Wignell’s latest story picture book abut the music that accompanies our unofficial national anthem ‘Watzing Matilda’.

‘Christina’s Matilda’, is illustrated by Eliziabth Botte, and published a style that fits its historical theme. This story picture book would be a great asset in any home or school library. (please see Edel’s wevsite for more details of where and how to buy a copy). A group of beautifully behaved Year 6’s sang W.M. for us and our premier Ted Baillieu spoke about his family he is Christina’s great-great nephew. His great-great-grandmother was Margaret, the youngest one in a group photo. This meant the media (Channel 10 and the ABC) were in full attendance. So if you happen to read this blog today, keep an eye on the news.

I also woke to something like 30 ‘call to arms’, Angela’s Sunde’s idea of making one hour available every Monday @ 10.00 am only for writing. Within all the excited responses to her Facebook call, I learnt a lot about what other writers do. We have a large number of teachers -as expected, and quite a few young mums. Others were too busy in ‘proper-paid’ jobs to even consider the idea. A very few do this already. Guess I fit into the last category as a writerholic. Well, it’s either that or Meal on Wheels.

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  1. Jason Rhodes says:

    Don’t forget to check out Edel Wignell’s website at to read all about her latest books, including ‘Christina’s Matilda’.

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