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Book Week 2011

27 August, 2011 | By Goldie Alexander

For Book Week I was invited to two schools on the Mornington Peninsula. I spent two mornings at Balnarring Primary, a sprawling collection of buildings in a rapidly growing village. This school prides itself on its ‘country atmosphere’ and keeps a splendid collection of animals which includes 2 baby goats, and an excellent veggie patch. I talked to Years 3,4,6 and 6 about those six books aimed at their readership. We were able to introduce ‘The Youngest Cameleer’ to the older children, though as I suspected, this book is perhaps more suited to secondary students.

Friday, I was at Cribpoint Primary, a smaller school with a ‘family feel’ where I spoke to all year levels. I sometimes forget how little Preps are and how much needs to be explained. This came to me half way through their session when it appeared that the kids hadn’t realised that I was the author of the book I was reading to them- a salutary reminder of never assuming the audience knows what you’re talking about.
We had our official launch of ‘Cameleers’ and Jason came from the Leader newspaper to photograph myself with the two school captains. Jason and I had met before so I suggested that this time we photo-shopped a little. He just laughed so I know the paper will pick the worst…. at least it will be in my eyes even if no one else agrees.

I was planning to take a break in September from the ‘writing game’ but unfortunately I was a car accident last week so that ended that. Instead I’m nursing a sore back, looking for a new car and wondering if I’ve lost my nerve. Where I live, cars drive like the fury mostly ignoring all speed limits. It can be pretty scary.

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  1. You poor thing, Goldie. Hope you’re on the improve and can get back out there soon – new car and all.

  2. goldiea says:

    Thanks for your sympathy Vicki. I’m more upset about my poor little Golf. I really loved that car.

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