The Alexander family announces Goldie’s passing, who died peacefully on August 3, 2020.

About Goldie

My first four books for Young Adults were ‘Dolly Fiction’ novels published under the pseudonym of Gerri Lapin. My first book under my own name, “Mavis Road Medley” is a time travel fiction exploring the world of Princes Hill and my parents’ struggles to survive the Depression. Since then I have written more than 90 books, and many prizewinning short stories and articles.

I’m known for writing historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels, plus my collections of short stories and non-fiction such as Mentoring Your Memoir that I use in workshops for seniors.

“My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove” is now in its 10th edition. “Mavis Road Medley” (Margaret Hamilton Books 1991) was chosen by the Victorian Australian Centre for Youth Literature as one of their 150 ‘treasures’. Both these books and the more recent “Cybertricks” have won CBCA ‘Notables.’ “In Hades” was shortlisted for an Aurealis Award.

My latest work, the young adult trilogy, SHAKESPEARE NOW! has taken 3 years to complete. Though some people might regard using Shakespeare’s plots and characters as presumptuous, my aim was to show how relevant they still are to a contemporary readership.

Though I’m interested in the development of the ebook, I do lament their tactile appeal. But what I view as vitally important are words, stories, themes and ideas, no matter in which form they are published. Some of my most recent books for adults and young adults can be read as both hardcopy and ebooks.


Yes, Good Morning, Yes                         1st Prize Rolf Boldewood Literary Award  2015

‘Arachnida’                                            1st prize QDEC/AWAG 1991.

Suffer Little Children’                                 Shes a Train and Shes Dangerous.

 ‘Seawall’                                               Singularities, 1989

Mirror Play’                                        Spies, Lies and Watching Eyes.  1995  Artemis Press.

Wimbledon Avenue’                           1995 Open Short Story. Soc. of Women’s Writers.

‘Chicken’                                        2008

Alley-Cat’                                               Finalist: Brandpoint Literary Prize. USA. Joint winner of

   Mary Grant Bruce Award 2000. ‘Children’s Hour.’ RPH

             Serialized April 2000

First Kiss                                                       ‘Speakeasy’ magazine. March-April,2000.

Falling’                                                            Joint winner of Mary Grant Bruce Award 2001.

                                                                  Thrill and Spills. Pearson. 2001

‘Blind Date’                                             Sandybeach 20th Birthday Literary Award 2002

            Express Fiction 2003

Next time well go by plane’               Highly Commended. Society of Women Writers Victoria 2003

  ‘ Slippery When Wet.’ Short story Collection 2004’

Jack and the GM Beanstalk’                   Award winner Highlands Literary Awards. 2006

Lame Duck Protest”                           NSW School Magazine  Touchdown, Aug.2004

‘Liar Ghost’                                                Ghost Stories. Random House. 2004

‘Space Gypsies                                              NSW School Magazine  Touchdown, Aug.2005 vol 90,No.7

                                                                           Shortlisted Aurealis Award 2006

Eating Nemo                                          NSW Sisters in Crime Award winner 2005

The Devils in the Daughters              Award winner  Highlands Literary Awards. 2006 2008

Love on Line (fable)                               1st prize. Gilgamesh Fable competition 2010

Love on Line(short story)                     Radio 4RPH April 2010.

Lunch                                                        Radio 4RPH April 2010.

Silver Paper                                              Brisbane Institute prize-winner. 2004Radio 4RPH April 2010.

Silver Paper(a monologue)                   Performed July 2010 Melbourne Writers theatre

Tango                                                         Tango Australis 14/6/11

Draggle and Arthur( 3 stories)             NSW School Magazine  2012

Sienna Knits                                               NSW School Magazine      2013

Draggle and Arthur part1 &2                NSW School Magazine 2014

22 episodes of Country Viewpoints      ABC National Bush Telegraph   Radio 4RPH April 2010.

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